3-Ply Mask



As the ongoing pandemic and pollution is spreading it root deeper into our surroundings, it has become crucial for everyone to take all safety measures to prevent themselves from getting infected. To help you stay safe, we are offering a high-quality range of 3-Ply Masks. The masks are made of 3 protective layers of fabrics, and that are as follows:

The inner layer is of a non-woven fabric, known as spun-bond, that absorbs moisture from the air inside the mask.

The middle layer is of PP spun-bond anti-bacterial fabric that restricts microbes and bacteria’s to enter your body through nose or mouth.

The outer layer is again made of PP spun-bond non-woven fabric that repels water.

The spun-bond anti-bacterial material is the core of the masks that enhance their quality. The masks are passed through various tests, including filtration efficiency tests, breathing resistance tests, and microbial tests before they are packed and transported to the respective markets.

General Specifications:

High filteration ability

Expandable pleats

Nose strip 

Stretchable ear loops 

Ultrasonically sealed

100 mask in a pack

Splash resistance


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